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Spocking your profile

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Yes, Its here…

I got a sneak preview or you can say a requested invitation to spock…..

So what is spock.

First I thought its a simple search engine but then when you cant be always 100% right… Its a people search engine……

this is what the about us page says…. and i believe in it
“Spock is the online leader in personal search, helping users find and discover people. With over one hundred million people already indexed and millions added every day, Spock is building the broadest and deepest people specific search engine.”

You can search for people by their name or enter some keywords that is most likely and relevant to show up people with those popular tags. Check out their homepage

Spock homepageSo you search for my name and you will find websites, tags and information about me. Its that simple I think it will make people searching easier but still think about lakhs of people with the same name what about them how to search and find information about them.Just searching for the name John turned up 2000000 pages and is sorted by popularity so the first 2 people that topped was Donald Trump (Donald John Trump Sr.) then came John F. Kennedy And it carried relevant information about those two people

A search for john on spock Sp youve got to be really famous to get to the top ten…. It would be easy for me i hope…. Cos Ive got less competition for the name Rochit… .

It does take time to search.. still not that fast as google……. (Yea google is a benchmark)

So i searched for aishwarya… no… only 46 results so to make it a little intersting i searched for shahrukh still no shahrukh khan here at top slot only 95 results.

Searching for rahul gave me numbers of 5046, aha ! So how do you zero in on the person you want to search for….. Advanced search… It has option of age group, Gender, Tags, location and picture… So it cn help you to search for a person to a particular extent…….

but still waiting for a major innovation is the most likely i am going to do………….
Yea so how do you get popular on this website… No SEO here its PEO (People engine optimization. as a registered member you can add relevant and interesting tags to people’s profiles, vote tags up to make them rank higher, or vote them down to make them rank lower, or disappear.

You can keep track of the people you are interested in by adding them to your favorites… And if you profile is already there you claim of the profile tht its yours…..

So how to monetize ?? Something similar to googles sponsored results is in the pipeline uit seems bcos tht can be a very good option… So if a person searches for Angelina Jolie The sponsored results could be About movies, Movie review website, Latest movies etc etc……

All of us know a major chunk of top searches on google is for people or for events linked to people.. So search engine specifically for people can work….

So how do you get included to spock. Request an invitation or get a invitation from me.. If you need invitation do comment and i can send you a invitation…..

So how to start the inclusion process

It will ask for the relevant login information of the service you use so that it can find related people for your account then

Then you can edit your profile accordingly…….. adding tags relevant websites , related people etc.. Something of little bit social networking + search engine…

Just see how far things can go….. Check out spock….


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